Reaction Paper

One of the biggest discoveries about the universe – according to Newton’s Third Law – claims that in every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. There is no exception to the literary world. A reaction paper, as the name suggests, is a written expression of a personal opinion, thoughts, and conclusion about a given text after reading and analyzing it. As easy as it may sound, it is often found challenging by many students. It is for the same reason that we shall help you understand how to go about such an assignment as you achieve the best grades.

A reaction paper is based on your own personal response towards certain ideologies presented by an author. Therefore, you have to read, critically analyze, and reasonably subject your thoughts on the reading. Here is a detailed guide on how you can write a good reaction paper.

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How to Write a Reaction Paper

  • Find an article

  • Actively read the article

  • Critically Analyze the Article/Develop ideas about the article

  • Create your reaction paper outline

  • Write the reaction paper

  • Finalize

  1. Find an Article

In most cases, students are assigned with articles, book, post, or any other form of writing they are supposed to react to. However, if you are ordained with the opportunity to choose by yourself, you better be prudent. Choose a reading with a topic you are well equipped with. Ensure that the article you pick will align its ideas to the course you are taking. Lastly, focus on the pre-assigned questions that you ought to critique within the text and ensure that they are all answerable. Now you are ready to start reading.

  1. Actively Read the Article

For the student to come up with a good reaction paper, prior reading and synthesis of the whole article is necessary. Therefore, the student should plan promptly about when and how to read. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail! While you read, write your reactions towards certain ideas within the text. While you are questioning and critiquing most parts of the article, it is also advisable to appraise the positive works associated with the same text. This will constitute a good reaction from within that appraises and criticizes ideas within the assigned reading.

  1. Critically analyze the article/Develop Ideas About the Article

Being critical about a text requires succinct interaction with facts; it requires analysis of evidence, evaluation of ideas, making judgements based on the available evidence, then developing an argument from the same. Question the ideas, explore different perspectives, and evaluate for strengths and weaknesses in the notions. This will help you develop a critical argument and thus your reaction. Here is a detailed description of how you can critically analyze an article.

  1. Create a Reaction Paper Outline

A well-organized reaction paper takes a simple but proper format as described below:

  • Introduction

  • Summary

  • Reaction

  • Conclusion

  1. Write the Reaction Paper

Now put all your ideas down on paper, but in an orderly manner as created within the outline developed. Ensure that your thesis statement directs the reader on what to expect in your reaction paper. Moreover, use connecting statements that connects one idea/paragraph to another such as; what is more, moreover, additionally, however, nonetheless, etc… Ensure that all your body paragraphs start with a topic sentence – which reflect back to your thesis statement. Lastly, elaborate each reaction in its own paragraph and provide reasons for the same (sometimes with references).

  1. Finalize

Now that you have your reaction paper, thoroughly go through it to guarantee the impeccability of your grammar and the flow of your ideas. Ascertain that all your paragraphs are well connected and complimentary. Also, proofread for grammar and spelling mistakes through various checkers that are available online. If you are stuck at this or any other part of this assignment, do not hesitate to order a paper with us. We are team of professionals with all the experience needed for these assignments. Order a paper with us and wait for the A+ that you deserve. Goodluck!