Multimedia Project

Multimedia projects can be intimidating majorly because they are complex and may need the skills and expertise of a number of individuals. What is more, completing multimedia projects requires one to be in possession of cutting-edge tools and resources that will aid in the same production. It is for the same reason that most students who are faced with these kinds of assignment, especially if it is their first time, struggle finishing them. Either way, why would you struggle with these extremely complex assignments by yourself when there is a top-notch help like that of ours? We have high-end equipment with passionate individuals who are willing to take their time to give you the best of production. Nevertheless, this post will take you through the sophisticated method of producing a decent multimedia project.

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How to Produce a Multimedia Project

Putting together a multimedia project is certainly not an easy task. Therefore, the project manager should ensure that every aspect and stage of the production is well taken care of – to the best of the team’s ability. The complex process can be broken down to three main stages; pre-production, production, and post production.

  1. Pre-production

  1. Planning meeting to start the process

  2. Creative briefs and script writing

  3. Developing the story

  4. Story boarding

  5. Gathering resources

  1. Production

  2. Post-production


  1. Pre-production

These are the preparations made before the actual production of the multimedia project. Pre-production majorly involves brainstorming for ideas, looking for stories, conducting research, collecting props, writing scripts and many other forms of production preparation. Major preparations include;

  1. Planning meeting to start the process

This is an important and a very crucial stage of a multimedia production – involving every individual working on the project. At this stage, the project manager communicates to the rest of the team about the goals, target audience, as well as strategies that will be undertaken. The project team also discusses several issues concerning the project as every individual (working in different areas) illustrate how they will work for the betterment of the results.

  1. Script writing

Having have set the prerequisites and aspects involving the target audience, the team in charge of the story writes a creative script that will appeal to the target audience in tone, jargon, and even style.

  1. Developing the story

This is when the story is analyzed and fully developed for actual screening. Several aspects of the story; including mood, emotion, and the story arc, are analyzed and evaluated. If certain parts of the story do not appeal or are contrary to the theme, then they will be scrapped out – even if the storyline was based on real-life events or according to a novel, legend, etc…

  1. Story boarding

After developing the story, a good multimedia project is followed by a set of templates or sketches that illustrate the story visually; with certain specific cues on what exactly will occur at a particular moment in the storyline. This also helps in planning of props and other specifics while shooting certain scenes.

  1. Gathering resources

Having have had the storyline visually represented together with the resources needed for the production, it is now prudent to gather all the resources – advisably in excesses. At this stage, all the necessary props are gathered and arranged as all audio and video resources are assembled and double checked for maximum efficiency.

  1. Production

The production stage is the most important stage as it is where all the necessary media is produced and stored. With the right lighting and recording techniques, experts should capture every angle of the act. If it is an animated video, the right tools are utilized to do the same. The video below highlights various stages of a multimedia production as well as other important rules to keep at your fingertips.

  1. Post-production

This section of the project involves the most complicated but lucrative stages of multimedia production. This stage majorly involves reviewing and editing the video to produce a more coherent and cohesive production. Most of the videos are in pieces, which also have bloopers and other errors, and each section has to be edited and corrected to perfection. The editing stage is the most sophisticated of the whole production and it may involve a series of client review and editing, which also consumes time. Since this stage is often challenging, most students taking multimedia projects often lose a lot of marks after having have worked hard in other stages. However, why would you lose marks when we have experts with cutting-edge technologies that will oversee the review and processing of your production to perfection – at a very cheap price?

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