Essay Formatting

Putting your ideas and contents from a long research down on paper is very important, but there is nothing more important than making it readable to your audience. Your document’s presentation may seem like a simple issue, yet it could be the difference between your work being put aside or being read as interesting and presentable – despite the content. Imagine writing a perfect scholarship essay for your dream scholarship, then losing it at the account of a poor document formatting. We acknowledge that formatting is an eminent aspect of writing and we train all our writers to adhere to all formatting instructions or select the best whenever such instructions lack. Therefore, if you are stuck and do not know how to format your well-written work, just assign the same to us and wait for perfection. Nonetheless, this post will give you several formatting tips that will change how your document looks and present it more like a peer-reviewed article!

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How to format your essay


Formatting academic writings mostly depends on the institutional guidelines or the formatting style that is given within the instructions. For instance, there are several formatting rules associated with different writing styles including; APAMLA, and Chicago formatting rules. Here is a guideline to formatting your paper.

  • Follow instructions

  • Utilize spacing

  • Use recommended fonts

  • Use headlines and sub-headlines

  • Justify your margins

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  1. Follow instructions

If your work is mostly academic, chances are that the instructions on how to write the assignment is provided. Be sure to follow every aspect of the formatting guideline – as provided in the assignment instructions – in order to present a professional work. Ensure you have the right page layout, margins, line spacing, font size, and so on.

  1. Utilize spacing

In other scenarios where such instructions are not given or when the task is not academic, say application letter or CV, it is advisable to utilize good spacing to your advantage. First, use a standard margin of 1’’ all round and a standard paper size. Do not be tempted to make margins smaller as this will make your paper less professional and hard to read. If possible (depending on the type of writing you are undertaking) use two columns; this is the trick that newspapers have been using for centuries to attract more people to read their stories.

  1. Use recommended fonts

Fonts play as much a bigger role as the content in the paper. Academic writings often use a set of fonts that are easily readable and with easy-to-see size. Do not make your readers use lenses to see your writing; make them standard – preferably of size 10-13. Some of the recommended fonts are; Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, Caslon, and Garamond.

  1. Use headlines and sub-headlines

Headings and subheadings not only help you to organize your work, but also aid in the presentation of your paper. In most cases, a long continuous prose discourages many readers and might make them either skip reading your paper or skim over it. When the headings are well-utilized, they can be a guideline to the reader and lead them towards the most important points within your paper as they also aid readability. Headings are a special aspect of formatting your paper – although they are often overlooked.

  1. Justify your margins

Lastly, it is advisable to justify the alignment of the paper. Justifying the margins make your paper presentable and make it look professional. Be sure to ascertain whether your instructor recommends the same, as a few institution do not. Nonetheless, margins play a terribly crucial role in determining how your paper will be assessed.

Formatting a paper might seem easy but it can be exasperating. Lucky enough, we have professionals who are well-equipped with knowledge in such tasks. Do not let your thesis or application letter look unprofessional just because you lack formatting skills. Order a paper with us and discover how effective our services and prices are.