Book & Movie Review

As easy as they seem to be, writing a book and a movie review is far more complicated than just writing about the book or the movie. These paper requires a student to showcase their writing skills as well as their critical thinking skills. Most student approach these kind of assignment with the mentality that the assignment is easy – making them to make mistakes, which are common to many students. Therefore, no matter how the paper seems easy, certain writing and formatting requirements ought to be achieved in order for your paper to stand out and achieve the best grade. Here are essential guidelines to writing a good book/movie review.

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A book or movie review is a descriptive and critical or evaluative account of a book

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How to Write a Book Review or Movie Review

  1. Find the Book

First, it is essential for the student to find the book to be reviewed. You can get the book from various sources including your school library, online libraries such as google books and open library. In most cases, students are assigned with books to review, but in a situation where you are given an open opportunity to choose, it is eminent to choose a favorite or a book that you’ve already read.

  1. Read the Book

A book review is both a description and an evaluation of a book, thus the reviewer should focus on the content, purpose, and authority. This can only be achieved by actually reading the book and formulating an opinion towards the same. Most students find it hard to read through a book, especially if it was pre-assigned to them – thus they prefer reading the summary of the book either online or from other sources. However, this only guarantees failure as your review will only capture main ideas from a second hand opinion and not from the original book, which might distort your information. Therefore, reading the book is very vital for the rest of the assignment.

  1. Put Down Essential Notes

This is where you put down ideas that you feel are important and should be included in your book review. This is done while you are still reading the book in order to ensure that all points are captured effectively.

  1. Review Your Notes

After reading the book, review your notes and decipher whether they are essential to be included in the final review. Furthermore, ensure that your essential notes capture the overall message of the author of the book.

  1. Form an Opinion

This is an important part of book review and it decides the fate of your grade. Analyze the ideas presented in the book critically and form opinions regarding the same. When responding to literature, forming an opinion involves responding personally to the views presented by the author. Pay attention to the details of the book and question every point. These and many more characters can help you think critically and form your own opinion on the subject brought forth in the literature.

  1. Write Your Review

You have done most of the hard work and now you just need to put down your ideas. Use exciting terms to lure your readers and ensure every important aspect of the book is captured systematically.

  1. Proofread Your Work

After having all your points right, proofread your work for errors in grammar, ideology, and even in spelling. Ensure that your reader gets the exact message you wanted to send. In case you need assistance with the task, we are a button away.

Movie Review

Basically, a movie review follows almost a similar process, now applied to a movie. You should watch the movie/film and ensure you understand the storyline. Form your own opinion and critically analyze several aspects of the movie. Take notes and ensure you highlight reasons as to why you form the opinions you have concerning the film. Write your review and rate the film – with reasons. A general format of a fil review is as the video bellow highlights.

Format of a Book/Film Review

  • Introduction

  • Include the title and author of the book/film

  • For a film, include actors and directors

  • Body

  • Summarize the film/book here, this is very important.

  • Highlight the setting of the book/film

  • Show the relevance of the topic and other analysis

  • Indicate your position on the movie/book content

  • Conclusion

  • Let your audience know whether you liked the book/film and why

  • Rate the book/film

  • Indicate whether you recommend the book/film or not and why

In conclusion, you can point out shortcomings of the book but avoid pointing what is not included in the book/film. Use precise language that attracts and talks to your audience in an exciting manner, while presenting a balanced argument on the book/film. Nonetheless, if you need any assistance, please ask for help from our Expert Writers, we will dedicate our expertise in ensuring you get an A+.