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Many people tend to confuse between an article and an essay, which is one big mistake. Articles are quite different from essays – basically, they are the most fun to write. An article is a piece of writing that is intended for a larger audience as it aspires to be published in a journal, newspaper, magazines, or even in an online blog. Fundamentally, writing an article requires two practices; good content development and good technique. Lucky enough, we have experts in the same field who can help you with any sort of assignment regarding the same – starting from this post that will take you through the process of writing an excellent article.

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An article is a piece of writing written for a large audience. The main motive behind writing an article is that it should be published in either newspapers or journal.

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How to Write An Article

There is a big difference between an article and a good article. As you may have noted out there, there are many articles but most of them do not fit in the second category. Either way, why settle on ‘good’ when there is ‘best’? Here are the guidelines to writing the best article;

  • Select an interesting and catchy topic

  • Thoroughly research on the topic

  • Organize your ideas and sources

  • Write a draft

  • Write the final article

  • Edit and publish the article

  1. Select an Interesting and Catchy Topic

If I could summon the queen of the Commonwealth to emphasize on the importance of this, then I would. Selecting a catchy and an interesting topic is not only the first step but also the ultimate one in differentiating between a good article and the best. Choosing a specific topic instead of a broad one is very important. Moreover, you are advised to make your topic as short as possible and use numbers instead of words, where applicable.

What is more important, if you are given a question to write on, do not use a topic from the question – but rather develop one that answers the question instead. For instance, if the question reads: “what is the scariest moment of your life?”, you can choose a topic that reads “How I Cheated Death” instead of “The Scariest Moment of My Life”. Please find tips on choosing a topic for an article here.

  1. Thoroughly Research on the Topic

This is the second most important as it will render your article as either a fact or a fallacy. Except when an article is a narrative of a personal experience, it is eminent to show its authenticity – which will differentiate your article from the millions out there. Include quotes from well-known individuals, statistics, and even definitions from trusted sources. This will improve the authenticity of your article.

  1. Organize Your Ideas and Sources

After doing a thorough research and getting informed with the topic at hand, organize your thoughts and ideas to ensure that they flow accordingly. If your article has an outline to be followed, ensure you create the outline and organize where each information will fall.

  2. Write a Draft

Keep your ideas short and visually appealing. Ensure you start by words that appeal to the reader and make them want to read more. Ensure that your draft is short, sweet, and to the point.

  1. Write the Final Article

At this point, ensure that your article follows all the rules and the question(s), if any, are well answered. Keep the final article short but ensure you adhere to the number of words that are presented.

  1. Edit and Publish the Article

Now you are done with the article. But you need to check its impeccability and ensure that its grammar and ideas are flawless. Use spell-checking software such as grammarly to catch errors in your article. Check for any form of plagiarism and re-read your paper to ensure it is exactly as you wish it to be. After editing, you can submit or publish the article. Remember, if you are stuck at any point, please do not hesitate to contact us for any form of assistance. Our support system as well as our community of writers are always on stand-by to help with such problems.